Happy Monday everyone!

I hope you had a great weekend. We had wonderful weather. Spring is coming.

I hope to be feeling better soon so I can spend more time outdoors.

This is the year Donna and I EXERCISE! Seriously. We’re doing it.

As soon as I get better.


I had to rework the dialog on this page. When lettering it last night…I wasn’t too thrilled with the dialog I’d written back in September. I may still change it. But wanted you guys to know.


I’ve gone through 150 of the 250 emails sitting in my inbox. My apologies to those I’ve not replied to yet.

I’m working through the pain and the doctor visits and such as best as I can. But I WILL reply to each of your emails. Thanks for your patience.


Other than that….? Um…

Kids are good. We’re good. And I’m happy working on Dreamland.

What more is there?



OH! I know. Can you guys make out that there’s a figure casting a shadow in the last panel? The one speaking.

Let me know if that’s clear.


Thanks and hope you enjoyed today’s page.