Well the good news…

I do not have a herniated disc. It’s just a bulge that’s pinching the nerve.

Some heavy anti-inflammatories and a lot of physical therapy is all I need. No surgery.


Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers. I really appreciate it.


Unfortunately we still had to cancel the trip to Wondercon. Doctor’s orders.

I’m so sorry to all of you who were coming to see me. I promise next year…we’ll make it happen.


Today The Dreamland Chronicles Book 3 is in stores.

So if you haven’t ordered it from the IDW store, Amazon, or whatnot. Give your B&N or Borders a call. Tell them you want it.

They may not have it in stock…but tell them it’s available. Don’t let them talk you out of it…as some lazy employees do.



Ok…well that’s that.

Hope you have a good day…and thanks again for reading.