Well I had my MRI yesterday.

Was fun. They actually give you your choice of like 14 different shorts in all sorts of “hip” colors and styles to wear. I picked brown cause it matched my shirt. I was quite the snappy dresser in my shorts and long sleeve shirt struttin’ into the MRI room. Yeeeahhhh….


I find out today how it goes.

Hopefully it’s not so bad.

When the dorctor looks at the MRI of my spine…I don’t want to hear the words “destroyed” “exploded” or “I can’t even make out what that is!!”


We haven’t officially canceled the tickets to Wondercon in case a miracle happens and they find out that I have a rare ailment that is cured by PEZ or TIC TACS or something.

Fingers crossed.

I hope you’re enjoying these pages. I am SO worried I’m somehow screwing them up.

Fortunately I wrote these pages months ago. And rendered the panels weeks ago.

It’s just the clean up and lettering to do at this point…but I still worry.

Good thing is…I can clean them up and fix mistakes before Book Four comes out next year.

See you guys tomorrow.