Yup. Felicity’s going to go for it. She’s gonna take on Barklay.


I’d like to take a moment to mention how incredible you readers are to me.

I know you guys get on me for thanking you so much. But really…you do so much for me and my family.

By coming here every day…you allow me enough traffic to put up ads. Which in turn feeds us.

You buy my books. You post on the blog, on the forum, on Twitter, Facebook, and email.

You encourage me and you offer advice and support.

You even come visit me at conventions.

You guys do so much. Thank you.


On that note. I’d like to tell you what a couple of readers did for my boys for their birthday.

I was mentioning at some point how the boys were now into Space and such. As they’re learning about the planets and astronauts in Kindergarten.

Well I was contacted via Twitter from a reader named Rachael who actually works at NASA in Houston.

She offered some free stuff from NASA for the boys. WOW. Then her friend Linda threw some more stuff in the mix as well.

We received the package yesterday…and boy were the boys excited.


SOme items of note. Rockets that actually launch. Space Shuttles that fly, books on asteroids, planets, astronuats.

Even Star Wars lightsaber pens and LOTS of stickers (Kindergarteners LOVE stickers).

We even got two signed photos of a REAL LIVE ASTRONAUT!

Just amazing.

Thank you so much Rachael and Linda.

The boys are going to draw you pictures and we’ll send them off to you along with some “goodies” as a thank you.

but nothing we send could match how cool this is.



Anyways. I love you all. The boys always sit and sketch with me while I’m doing sketches inside books. And they always want to know where the next package is shipping to.

You guys are like extended family in ways to us.

How cool is that?