As some of you may remember…We’re no longer selling books at our store. IDW will be handling all orders from now on.

To that end…I thought I’d let you know they’re running a special where if you order Book Three through them…you get a free copy of the limited edition Issue one comic with the Variant Mike Wieringo cover.

I can’t wait to see Book 3. I think it’ll be so cool holding it in my hands.

I’m currently writing Chapter 14…and boy what fun. All of the fun little things I’ve set up over the last few years are now being revealed. It’s just so cool.

I really enjoy this chapter. With the flashbacks, the dwarves, the Centaurs, and of course the last few pages (which you wont see for another month) which will BLOW YOU AWAY!


Anyways. We’re having a good week on our new server. I’m so happy we finally switched from Hostway. This should be great. Lots of new readers and no crashes from all the new traffic. YAY!


Thanks for all the well wishes for my health. I’ve always been quite a healthy person. So these last few months with us getting all kinds of sick (due to the twins’ starting Kindergarten) and now the back injury from Hockey…it’s a little out of character.

I’m trying new meds and we’ll see if they work. Fingers crossed.

Thanks as always and hope you enjoy the show…