Hey all…

With all of the requests for desktops…I thought I’d put a few together. I did them at 1280×768. Any larger and I would have had to re-render them…hope that’s OK.

So…here ya go. HOpe you like them.



Also…it appears that we’ve lost Monday and Tuesday’s blog entries. Permanently.

So here’s a re-post of some things as I remember posting about…

We got reviews from Brigid Alverson on some of my other kid friendly books…

Ed’s Terrestrials:






Pet Robots:




Oh drat…I forgot what else…

OH…yes. Commander Kitty had a cameo of Felicity of sorts…



And we have new music up on the Jukebox.


I actually found a CACHE of my original text…


I changed the music for this week (maybe I’ll update it every OTHER week).

This week’s theme? DANCING!

It’s a very special tribute to Paddington I think.

Ha ha.

We have Double Dutch Bus (which as some of you eagle eyed readers found…I used the lyrics to this song for the tablet in Hilmdel). A classic.

Stevie Wonder’s I Wish. For those of you who’ve never heard this song…but it still sounds familiar?

Listen to the song…then go check THIS out…


Ah…remember it now?


Next…Dancing Machine from the Jackson 5. Makes you realize how extremely talented Michael Jackson was. How was he singing this?


Then a song you kinda can’t sit still when you hear it. Jump Around from House of Pain.

Maybe not a “classic” as it’s only like a dozen years old…but still a fun song.


And lastly…a bit of another tribute to Stevie Wonder…Jamiroquai’s Canned Heat.

Every time I hear this song…I think of Napoleon Dynamite (that’s not the song they played…is it?)


Anyways. Hope you enjoy the new page…the new week…and the new music.





Hope you have a great day and enjoyed today’s page.