Hey Everyone…

We moved hosting companies (FINALLY) mid day yesterday.

So we lost a couple pages of blog. I’m trying to see if we can get it back. But…just so you know…I read every comment in case we CAN’T get them back.

So thank you.

And thanks to Matt at Boiling Point and Jonah at Comic Book Resources for jumping in and saving the day.

Hopefully we’ll have no more outages as we continue to grow our readership.


I also wanted to remind you all that I “TWIT” daily on Twitter.

You’ll mostly here me arguing with my wife virtually…and talking about silly stuff.

But if you’re on Twitter…follow me and say hi.



It’s late. And I’m happy we made it through the transition to a new hosting company. So I’m off and hopefully the comments will be back (and the wierd symbols after the page numbers will be gone too) when I wake up.