Happy Monday!

So…I hope this page works for you all.

I think it does in book form (meaning if you’re reading the pages consecutively and not day to day). So if you don’t “get it” please go back a few days and read through and let me know.

I really like this sequence with Nicole and Daniel. We get to see them interact and be more than just stereotypes. Life is full of “grey areas” and despite someone being the science person and the other the faith person…we aren’t so easily put into these molds.

Anyways. I hope you’re enjoying it as well.



You may have noticed…we now have a JUKEBOX!

That’s right…I can put music up for you all to listen to.

Now unfortnately for YOU…it’s MY music. Straight out of my itunes library. Ha ha. So it won’t be too “hip” for you youngsters, I’m afraid.

I initially put up 5 songs that had a “Dreamy” feel to them. I’ll swap them out as the mood strikes me.
Full credit for writing this jukebox goes to Scotty Arsenault. I saw it on his site Commander Kitty and inquired where he got it from. He emailed me back stating that he actually CREATED it…and offered a custom one for Dreamland.

So thank you so much Scotty! You…are officially awesome!



In other news…

I’m just about done with the Blue Dream Studios site…

Please check out the Books section. That’s what I’ve been working on. I still need to go in and work on the partners, the info, and I think one other section. But the main page, the books page, and each individual book page should be done.

Pleaes take a look around if you get a moment…let me know your thoughts.


Special thanks goes to all of you who helped me out.

For those of you who don’t remember…my Blue Dream Studios site was hacked during THanksgiving and several readers offered up their services to help me get it not only back online…but to update it.

There will be a thank you page permanently on the site to thank all who helped out. (another of my “to do” items.


And finally…in some sad news…the Titans got bumped out of the playoffs. Now I’m only in my first year of being not only an NFL fan…but a Titans fan too. So we were pretty bummed here in the Sava household. We had our Titans shirts on and everything.

Oh…but in some GOOD news…Jack Bauer returned last night (24 for those of you who don’t watch it).

He’s too cool. And Donna and I really enjoyed seeing him again after 2 years off.



Donna contacted ADSDAQ last week and got us re-listed. For those who may not remember…we were dropped (along with pretty much all other webcomics) from this very profitable ad server.

Thanks to Donna (and one kind person at ADSDAQ) we’re now back.


Whew….ok. I need to go to sleep.

Thank you all for reading. I hope you had a great weekend and hope you enjoy this week’s story.