Another end to another week.

Boy they seem to go by quicker and quicker…don’t they?


We had a fabulous time at the PRedators/Penguins game last night.

Carey at William Morris got us 8 rows back…center ice. We’ve never been so close in our lives…and it was a spectacular way for the boys to enjoy their first game.

Also…thanks to Andre over at NHL for supplying the tickets.

The Preds won 5-3 by the way.



Also…today is Donna’s and my 16 year wedding anniversary.

You may remember a month ago when I posted about our 20 year anniversary of the day we met.

Some of you mistook that for 20 years married. But no…we’ve been married 16 years now this day.

We’ll be going out to dinner while Grandma and Grandpa watch the boys. A special treat for us since we’ve never had family close by so we could get away.


And lastly…I wanted to let you know of a reader of ours named Jeannie. Her daughter was born in May and had a rare liver disease. Despite surgery…she needed a transplant.

This last november…she got it.

From the sound of it…she’s doing great. But they’re raising some money for her and I thought I’d let you all know about it. In case any of you are able to help.

Her website is…

I don’t see a post up there now about the auction. Or if anyone can donate.

But we did send some books and toys over in hopes it would help. And I’ll definitely let you all know how baby Ember does as I hear.

I don’t know Jeannie other than she emailed me with her story. So I can’t answer any questions. But follow the link if you’d like to find out more. Maybe offer some words of encouragement and/or prayer.


Ok…it’s late…and I need to get to sleep. I will see you all in the morning and hope you all enjoyed this week and look forward to showing you more next week.