I thought it sounded cooler if Bognok talked like that. It just felt right for the situation.

You guys don’t think it comes across wierd…do you?


Also…as for the Barnes and Noble, Borders, etc…

Some answers to the questions (in case you didn’t read my replies in the comments)…

1) The Dreamland Chronicles Book One is the SAME one that’s in the store on my site right now.

2) It’s 300 pages. The first 4 chapters. Just for the record. EVERY book is 4 chapters each. There will be 24 chapters. 6 books total.

3) Buying the book from the brick and mortar stores really helps us out. It shows that the fan base is there and that they need to order more. More book sales…more money to help pay for more Dreamland.

4) The books are NOT out in stores just yet. I haven’t found out the day. It could be today. Could be next week. But I will let everyone know when.

5) You can STILL order it. And I would suggest you please do. Please let friends know as well.

6) Book Two will hit stores next month. Book Three will hit stores in January.

7) For those of you out of the country. Please see what you can do in YOUR stores. If they can NOT order it…then you can order it from my store here. I will PERSONALLY ship out a copy to you and even sign and do a sketch in it.


Thank you all for helping to support us. It’s been almost 3 years of updating online and we’ve FINALLY got the books going into stores. So thank you for your patience and thank you for your support.


Just posted on the blog below about 20 years of being with Donna. Hope you like it…