Ok…this is one of my favorite pages in a while.

I went with the angular format. Trying to “shake things up a bit”. Hope you like it.


Update on the Dreamland Chronicles hitting bookstores…

We’ve not heard the exact day yet (any day now). But if you’re at a Barnes and Noble, Borders, or ANY bookstore for that matter. Please order it.

Tell your friends and family.

The retail chains are “TRYING IT OUT” in the teen section and we need to show them that Dreamland is worth keeping in stores.

I’ll update you more as I find out the exact date. But again…if you’re in a bookstore any time soon. Ask for it. THE DREAMLAND CHRONICLES BOOK ONE (or you can order both book one and two) by IDW.

There were literally hundreds of readers here who said they’d like to buy the books from bookstores. So…now’s your chance.


Well…technically not NOW….but soon.