Happy Monday!

This is the end of Chapter 20! Also the end of Book Seven!

Look for a Kickstarter in the next few weeks.


Now… as for Chapters 21 and 22 (Book Eight) which wraps the entire season up…

I will get you more information on that before the end of the year. I am working on it and have some big news to tell you all.

Please be patient. Check in here often (as well as my facebook and twitter feeds) for more info.


This is a bittersweet time as I’m excited to be finishing an 11 year endeavor of writing and illustrating a daily comic, but also sad that it will be over in one year.

Thank you all who’ve been following and supporting me and my family all this time. I hope you enjoy this last year of pages as everything comes to a conclusion.

Have a wonderful week. And I hope I can bring you new pages VERY soon.