Happy Monday!
Sorry for the delay. The rendering times are getting SLOWER AND SLOWER!
Thankfully…you all were so kind enough to help remedy that with the donations for 2 new workstations.
Which are being built right now.
Can’t wait.

Speaking of which. The person who started this was a reader from the Netherlands named Jurgen.
He’s the one who convinced me to finally accept donations.

I had asked him if I could please paint something for him (he donated quite a bit of money) as a thank you.
After a bit of back and forth with emails…he sent me a “fan fiction” he wrote where Felicity comes to Earth and meets up with Nicole.
I read it and loved it.

He asked that I paint Felicity in her “hoodie” she got from Earth.
So…here’s the painting I did.
Now, if you’d like to read Jurgen’s wonderful Fan Fiction…please go here to do so.


I had asked Jurgen to make it public for all to see. Please be kind.


With this, I also want to encourage others who write fan fiction to please send it my way. I’ll happily post it for others to read.

The same is always true for Fan art.


As for the donations for the 3rd computer. I’ll keep this link up for this week only.



If we don’t reach the finances for the third computer. It’s totally cool. I’ll put the rest towards models and designs.

Thank you all SO much. From the bottom of my heart.