That’s all I feel that I can say.



In less than 24 hours…you all chipped in and donated enough money for TWO new computers!


I’m floored. Stunned. Stupified. And even a bit dumbfounded.


Thank you.


I’ll keep the donation link here…


And here’s the latest on our progress….

I’ll update throughout the day.


The first computer has been ordered.

Unfortunately…the computer I was getting (see yesterday’s page for the link) suddenly went “OUT OF STOCK” around mid-day.

I contacted customer service and they said it might go back up at some point.

If not…I’d have to find a similar deal (though honestly…that was a GREAT deal).

So we’ll see.


Thank you again for your generosity. For supporting this comic over the last 6 years. And for being a part of our family.