Hi all!

Thank you for the wonderful feedback yesterday.

This was a big crossroad I wasn’t sure about adding to Dreamland.

Hopefully I can work Excalibur into the story properly.


I really wanted to give Daniel his time. His story.

I have 7 more chapters left in the series. So there’s MORE than enough time.

If I can make it work.


Also…THANK YOU for helping us make it to the next bracket of the Comic Mix thing.

We’re now up against Least I Could Do… truly a daunting task.

Lar and Ryan have been so wonderful this last year as they are hosting the Dreamland Chronicles.

Essentially SAVING us from going off line.

I’m really going to hate THRASHING them in the next round.




Seriously, though. We don’t stand a chance. And if I have to lose…I’d love nothing more than to lose to these two fine gentlemen and their fantastic comic.



And I did another painting…