Okay…here’s what happened here.

Originally, Niviene says:

“Arthur returned it to me those many years ago.”


“Now it is back in the hand of his successor”


So…I’ve been toiling over this whole EXCALIBUR thing.

I LOVE the idea of Excalibur. And I loved yesterday’s page.


A couple of things come to mind.

1) Arthur was NOT wielding Excalibur when we saw him.

2) What would be the purpose of Excalibur in this interpretation of the Arthurian tales?

3) It took a LOT of magic from BOTH sides to get the Bahta Ilikshi (medicine bag) into our world. Then even MORE to try and forge that bracelet/amulet that would allow others to travel between worlds.

With the introduction of the Pool of Auryn and Niviene…how does this “wreck” that whole process?


So, as you can see. I’m feeling the need to make sure everything fits nice and neat in this world.

So my apologies for the extra dialog today. I’ve been dreading these pages as I ALMOST cut out this whole Excalibur thing.


I hope I’m not making a mistake.


Oh! And only a few more hours of voting left on this contest!

You can vote once every 24 hours. So if you voted yesterday…VOTE AGAIN!

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