I don’t know if doing animated style “flailing arms” works for Dreamland. But it seemed funny at the time.


I hope you’re enjoying these pages. Things are really getting interesting. And I’m quite worried I won’t be able to keep up production daily as things just keep getting bigger and bigger.

But…I’ll worry about it AFTER Christmas. Okay?

In the meanwhile.

I just wanted to thank you all again for removing your adblockers. For patronizing our sponsers (the advertisers). And for all of your generousness throughout the year.

I pray those of you who celebrate Christmas have a wonderful day tomorrow.

We’re supposed to get SNOW here in Franklin, TN.

It’s our FOURTH year here, now. And this will be our FIRST EVER Christmas WHITE CHRISTMAS.

Coming from Los Angeles…you don’t see too many of those.


Very excited.

If you’d like to see more of what’s going on with me and my family.

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Have a wonderful weekend.

And thank you again for making this a great week.