Hi all!

Tomorrow we’re back with Nastajia and the armies.

So fun!

Hope you enjoyed this time with Felicity.

It’s been a priority of mine when writing the series to make sure we spend a bit of time with each character.

Get to know them.

This hasn’t been so revealing of anything new. But it’s always good to see the interaction between Felicity and Alex.

So fun.

I wanted you guys to know I put up my “kids comics” into the store.

They’re WAY cheap, too. 

Click on each of them to see a preview.

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Gary the PirateMy Grandparents are Secret AgentsCameron and his Dinosaurs

You can find them all (and of course the Dreamland books and toys) in the store.

There’s a link on the menu bar above. Or you can just click here.



It’s a new month.

So anyone who wants to vote for us on TWC (new vote incentive is up)…thanks.