Sometimes I think things would be funnier in motion.

Today’s page plays really well when I act it out.

Alex trying to prove he’s right…but adjusting his direction based on Felicity’s head shaking.

Until he finally gives up.

Anyways. It’s a fun page…hope it works visually for you guys.


I wanted you guys to know I put up my “kids comics” into the store.

They’re WAY cheap, too. 

Click on each of them to see a preview.

Eds TerrestrialsPet RobotsHyperactive

Gary the PirateMy Grandparents are Secret AgentsCameron and his Dinosaurs

You can find them all (and of course the Dreamland books and toys) in the store.

There’s a link on the menu bar above. Or you can just click here.


It’s a new month.

So anyone who wants to vote for us on TWC (new vote incentive is up)…thanks.