Howdy all.

So…what do you think about where this is going?

We still have a LOT of story left in this King Arthur flashback. So I hope you’re enjoying all of this.

It will explain a LOT!

On that note. Doing my research…the first Vikings that found the new world discovered Native Americans who painted themselves in Red Paint.

Hence the term “Red Man”.

My thinking is…this wasn’t a derogatory term. But a pretty straight forward description of people who literally painted themselves Red.

But as always. I’d like to learn from others (I know we have quite a few Native American readers) and make sure that my handling of this part of The Dreamland Chronicles history is both acurate and sensitive.

You all helped me out tremendously when dealing with the Centaurs and their relationship to the Native American Tribes.

I’d appreciate any feedback along this storyline.


And now for a bit of a copy and paste from yesterday.

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