Happy Monday (and Happy beginning of May)!

So…I am going to do a couple things this week if it kills me (and it may just do so).

1) I’m going to add new music to the Jukebox.

2) I’m going to put the store up

Kick me if you don’t see these things by Thursday…OK?


Also…it’s the beginning of the new month. Please give us a little vote.

And we’ve still got 5 Sponsored Books for you at Wowio.

Seriously. Someone is paying ME for YOU to get FREE books.

Please check them out.

WOWIO: Free Ebooks, Comics and Graphic Novels | the only source to legally download high-quality copyrighted ebooks from leading publishers for free.

And it was so nice seeing all of you at MTAC this weekend.

I had no idea there were so many readers here in Tennessee.

We need to get together and do a Dreamland Lunch or something. Wouldn’t that be fun?


And we fixed the BUY PRINTS so that you can buy multiple ones without having to pay multiple times for shipping.

It’ll add to a CART.

And we’re sending out the first batch of prints today. Please PLEASE let us know what you guys think of them.

Speaking of prints…

If you’d like to purchase a print of our donation desktop….here’s the link.

Alright. I better get back to work.

We visit CAMELOT this week. YAY!

See you tomorrow.