Happy Wednesday all!

So I’ve updated the donations page! I think you’ll like what we have for the new desktop!

I thought it’d be fun to fulfill one of the biggest requests I get. A Felicity/Nicole reunion.

ANY donation will get you the desktop image.

Any donation over $5 puts you into a pool to win a one of a kind 13×19 poster print of this image.

I hope you like it.


I also wanted to announce the winner of the Nastajia painting from our FIRST donation drive.

I went to a RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR site and input the amount of donations we saw last week.

The random number came up as the winner being number 59.

I then counted the emails until I got to email number 59 (yes…I know…it’s VERY scientific).

And that email was that of Julie Nichols of Addison, TX!

Congratulations, Julie!

I have your address and will happily personalize the painting before I mail it out to you.

Just email me if you’d like any special notes.

That was kind of fun. And I hope Julie likes the painting.

Thank you all for reading. And I hope you are enjoying the King Arthur flashback.

Have a wonderful day.