Hi all!

I’m back from my quick trip to NY for my godson’s christening.

Was nice…but a LOT happened while I was gone.

We had some issues with the prints (they weren’t registering as SOLD when they were purchased) that are now FIXED.

And other little things (like me forgetting to add a word balloon on Friday’s page.

All fixed now.

But today…


Today we start one of my favorite parts of the story.

We return to the time of KING ARTHUR!

This sequence of pages (which will span 11 weeks) will (hopefully) answer ALL questions of how Nicodemus rose to power…and so much more.

It’ll be like my STAR WARS PREQUELS…only better.


I hope you enjoy. And thank you for your patience during my brief absence.

I will start signing prints and getting them out later this week. I can’t wait for you all to get them. They look gorgeous.

Have a wonderful day.