Wow. You guys are amazing.

First off…

Thank you so much for your donations.

I know money has been tight all over. And I can’t thank you all enough for helping support us in this difficult time.

It means so much to Donna and I.


I’m so glad you like the painting. I’ll try not to abuse your generosity. But honestly I’d love to do the following.

1) Do paintings on request.

2) Do prints (using the 3D characters) for you all

3) Make sure everyone gets a print or original at some point

I’m totally open to as many suggestions as you might have.

But here’s one I would love to throw by you.

I have these prints of The Dreamland Chronicles pages that I made up. About the first 4 chapters really.

They’re on beautiful 13×19 inch watercolor paper.

These pages have embossed Blue Dream Studios logos. So you know they’re “official” and they do NOT have the lettering on them.

So they appear more as “original art”.

I can’t tell you how nice they look in person.

I have a couple hundred pages. And I can make more for the newer pages.

Would you want the option to purchase these?

Or to recieve a random one with donations over a certain amount?


How cool would it be if I had a way of getting you all your very own page?

With over 1000 pages (we’re coming up to 1100) everyone could “stake their claim” on their favorite page.

And own the ONLY print of that page.

Anyways. I so desperately want you all to own a piece of Dreamland with me.

You’re my family. My fellow Dreamers.

I want to share this with you.

Any thoughts on how?

Oh…and YES…he said “King Arthur”!