Happy Monday everyone!

Real quick. Is “Quite resilient against fire” sound correct to you?


So…I worked on a couple things this weekend.

I’ve put up the DONATE button (see right side of page).

I’ve also done a painting.

I then turned it into a DESKTOP which you get as a THANK YOU for donating.

And I’ve also added another THANK YOU by giving away the painting to one lucky donor/supporter.

I figure anyone who gives over $5 is eligible.

Does this sound like a good idea?

I was also thinking. If you guys don’t like my paintings…I would do original pin-ups or make prints of your favorite panels from the comic.

And then anyone who donates a certain amount would get a free print? (as long as it covers my costs of printing and shipping)

I’m new to this. I need to work within my parameters of what makes me feel comfortable with accepting donations.

So by giving you guys something…I can feel a little better about this.


Don’t hate me for being stubborn. I’m trying.

And we really do need the help during these times. Otherwise I wouldn’t have even considered it.

So thank you all. And please let me know your thoughts.

Have a wonderful week!