This is the last page of Alex being slow (in this sequence at least)…I promise.

Thanks all for the great advice on what to do about the cons. A few of you mentioned putting up donate buttons.

Let me ask you something. Since I don’t like to take donations…what could I do in exchange?

I’ve already got sketchcards. Books. Toys.

So what could I do for those that donate? (If I decided to add a donate button)

What kind of goal would it be? To get me to Comic Con? Europe tour of cons?

An animated series? Should I do something like Kickstart?

Just trying to get an idea of what you guys are thinking about.

I really appreciate all of the advice. And your generosity is enourmous.

But I’m just not ready for a donate button. Not yet.

But I am interested in what you all think of it’s potential.