Happy Monday all!

Hope you had a great weekend.

This is a fun week. Please stay tuned.

I’m finishing up getting Book Four to IDW.

Unfortunately…something got screwed up in the scheduling and the book solicitation got scheduled for July instead of May.

I’m talking to them now to see if we can get the book before that so I can get you copies at the cons.

As for cons. Money’s been really tight for us this last year. Well….REALLY tight.

We MAY not make it to San Diego this year. We have our booth. And it would have been our 20th anniversary at the con this year.

Donna and I have been attending since 1990.

But it’s just SO expensive. I mean….REALLY expensive.

Add to that, the fact that we didn’t get our hotel. It just may not happen.

I’m also looking into seeing if Baltimore is possible again this year.

I usually make back my money. But we need to see if we have the money to outlay for the hotel and airfare.

Hopefully things will pick up soon.

Other than that. I’m looking forward to the local cons.

Hope you enjoy the week.