Hey all…

Just wanted to let you know that Wowio asked me to donate some artwork for their new Signature Series line of Gift Books.

You can check them out here…


Click on Signature Series at the bottom to see the Dreamland ones.

The premise is…

Members of Wowio can buy (for $3) a personalization of any book on Wowio.

They get to pick the covers, write inscriptions, and sign it.

Pretty cool idea.

Here’s a peek at some of the art I did (all were from panels of Dreamland…but redone to work with the size they needed)




For the record. I do NOT get paid for these.

So please keep in mind this is not like downloading the FREE WOWIO books that I get paid for.

This is something NEW and DIFFERENT.

But please give it a try if this sounds interesting to you. Tell your friends and I hope you like it.