Well it’s hard to follow up news like yesterday’s. But there’s a new Animated Wowio book up…so here’s the linky.

And also I want to show you guys (the 60% of my readers who aren’t in the U.S.) who can’t download Wowio some pages.

I hope soon you’ll get to download the whole books.

In the meanwhile. I hope this suffice.

Just click on a frame (there’s one frame on each page) to animate it.

Here’s a page where Nastajia and the Pirate Captain fight….


And here’s a page where Kiwi realizes Alexander’s smitten with Nastajia…


Thanks all for your support.

Since this year started (3 weeks ago) you’ve downloaded 6,000 books from me.

And I really appreciate your support. Please remember there are over 60 books on Wowio that I have up there. So feel free to download them all.