Hi everyone…

I hope you’ve been enjoying these pages. I’m really excited about this chapter in Nastajia and Alexander’s relationship. I hope you are too.

I want to say first off…again…how thankful I am of all of your support.

You’re all amazing.

As a gift of sorts…

I had 100 of these made. (click to see full size)



Yes. I had sword necklaces made.

I could only afford 100 for now. And I was going to sell them.

But then I started popping them into orders recently (just a few) and realized…”What a great gift”!

So I decided to give the rest away with every order.

This is not a gimick to get people to order more books or toys or anything.

I just wanted to give the first 100 as gifts to you guys as a way of saying “Thanks”.

So for the next month or so (while supplies last)….if you order anything….ANYTHING from the store…expect a Neato-Keen new necklace when your package arrives.

Hopefully it helps return you to Dreamland.

My boys have them hanging over their beds. They think it’s the coolest (I wouldn’t recommend letting children sleep with them around their necks).

I told them “Just having it by you is good enough”


Anyways. As always…I’m rambling on like an old lady.

Again. Thanks. And please let me know if you like em.