Hey all!

Great news. The fine folks at Wowio have given me the green light to have SPECIAL EDITION issues of Dreamland with ANIMATED frames.

As you may have seen in previous posts below…

I hatched the idea to animate some frames of the book here and there.

Some are turnarounds, flybys, and zoom ins. Others are watching the characters come to life…

Each issue (I’ll try to do one issue a week) will have 7-10 pages of animated frames.

Depending on what I can do time-wise and what seems fun.

This issue…you’ll get the following…

Page 6: Fly with Kiwi and Alexander to the top of Ashendel

Page 7: Walk with Alexander to the main hall of Ashendel Castle

Page 9: fly around to see the other maps on the marble tablet

Page 10: See Felicity come to life

Page 17: See Nastajia come to life

Page 26: See the camera Angles in motion

Page 29: View the Panels from a new angle

Note: I just realized I forgot to put the animation for Page 9 in the table of contents of the comic.

So if you know anyone who’s downloaded it. Remind them that there’s one more please.


Anyways. These ANIMATED issues have NO behind the scenes pages as the “regular” issues have.

So if you like seeing the designs, sketches, and model work that goes into Dreamland. Make sure you also download the “regular” versions as well.

For those of you who are not able to download these books due to not being US residents (and not knowing anyone in the US who’s willing to help you out…) here’s a couple samples that were previously posted…



Thanks again…and please let me know your thoughts.