First off….I want to thank ALL of you who are purchasing books from the store.

I have a stack of books and toys I’ve been doing sketches for…and it’s SO fun.

We’re sending books all over the world and I’m hearing such wonderful stories of where they’re going to.

I can’t tell you how cool that is….but it’s really cool!

If you’re looking to get the books before Christmas. I think you have a few weeks still. We’re doing our best to ship books out once or twice a week.

PLEASE remember to add the character you want in EACH book (if you order two) and who you want the book personalized too.

It’s right there in the checkout in Paypal.

I don’t know how long I’ll have the sales going on. But I’ll try to keep them through the end of the year at least.

Thank you guys again!

ย I hope you enjoy Book Two and your sketches and toys.

Now…as for the newest Animated Dreamland…

I think I’m figuring out what I can and can’t do pretty easily.

I’m also starting to really enjoy going back to some of these pages. I haven’t touched these pages of Issue One in about 4 years.

So it’s hard to get the newer software to match up the lighting and such.

But I’m still having fun doing animations, fly bys, and turnarounds.

I know there’s a LOT of you out there who can’t yet download from Wowio yet due to not being US citizens.

They’ve assured us that they’re working on getting that up…but it still may take several months.

So I’m going to post a couple pages each time a new book is up so you can get a taste of what’s inside.

First… the link to the book for those who CAN download it.

I hope you enjoyed issue 28 and thank you for downloading…


And now for the sample pages…

This page I animated Nastajia and Alexander floating closer until they hold hands…

But I also (as a bonus) added just the background flying by (since I had it already)


ย The Cyclops was in this issue a LOT. So he got lots of animations.

Here…he just realized he whacked himself in the foot…


Hope you enjoy them.

Again. Thanks for reading, buying the books, and downloading the Wowio stuff.

All of your support is so greatly appreciated!

Hope you continue to enjoy Dreamland.