I am quite proud to announce that Book Two of The Dreamland Chronicles is sittin’ in my garage!



I’ve spent the last couple days updating the store in my spare time.

There’s no longer a US and International store. It’s all in one thanks to Paypal finally allowing shipping calculations for both US and International.

So…please feel free to check out our new store (see link at the top of the page)

Also…and here’s the cool news…

I’ve cut prices.

I’ve made some big discounts and also for a limited time…removed the $5 extra charge for sketches.

To be honest…I’m really enjoying the sketching and as long as I don’t get TOO inundated with sketching to do…I’ll keep it free as long as I can.

So please check out the store…and get a copy of this latest version of Dreamland in print.

OH. And for those of you who did fan art. Don’t forget. Your work is most likely in this book!

That and the fun Princess Bride stuff we did too.


Thanks again for all of your support.