These are just SOME of the things we saw (and dressed up as) for Halloween this year.

The boys are now almost 5…so Halloween is SO much more fun now.

We went to the Franklin, TN Pumpkin Festival last weekend and it was SO nice.

All the kids (and lots of parents) were dressed up in costume. There was lots of food and fun.

It was a great day.

I thought I’d post pics of the boys and their costumes and adventures IN the costumes.


Please indulge a daddy with the obligatory showing off of his kids.

We found this bunch of Stormtroopers (and lady Boba Fett) at the monument in the center of town.

Logan HAD to have his picture taken with them…but Brendan was cautious and wouldn’t leave my side.

Something about that one on the far left I think was shifty. Brendan didn’t trust him…


Soon afterwards…we met this “friendly” Stormtrooper and Brendan was instantly his best friend.


The Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz came by…


And then we took a ride on the “Great Pumpkin” from Charlie Brown’s Halloween special.


Again…a great time was had by all…

I hope you had a great day and hope you don’t mind me sharing things like this with you every once and a while.

Have a great weekend.