Good news!

Another of my books was picked up today by MTV.


Hyperactive. It’s the story of a young boy with a bad case of A.D.D.

His metabolism goes haywire and he can run 100 mph.

Β It’s another in a long line of early reader books (7-11 year olds) I’ve been writing.

I hope to have it in stores by early 2008.

I want to thank Jon Silk and J.C. Spink for their support over at Benderspink.

Jon…you’re 2 for 2! Not bad buddy!


Hope you all had a good day yesterday. And hope you’re enjoying the latest pages.

I’m hoping all of this Hollywood stuff will pay off one day soon and I can dedicate myself just to books.

I’ll keep you all informed of what’s going on. But it’s always nice to share good news.

Thanks again as always for all of your support.