Hey all.

Another 5 weeks has passed and we have another issue of Dreamland on Wowio.


For those of you who are new to this. And for those who just weren’t paying attention…

Wowio allows you to download The Dreamland Chronicles as PDF files on your hard drive.

Additional material is in the back of each book as well.

Making of, fan art, fan fiction, etc.

There are now 28 issues of Dreamland available for download….FREE!

That’s right. FREE!

Now for those of you who don’t care to do this for yourselves…

There’s an added bonus.

Every download of ANY of my books…Wowio pays us a kickback.

That’s right. When you download the books for FREE…you support Dreamland.

I have almost 60 books online and if you and all of your friends continue to download every single one…you’re supporting Dreamland.

If you enjoy seeing it update daily…this (and/or buying the actual books and toys from the store) is the BEST way to support us.

As you know so much hard work goes into Dreamland. So I thank you for all of your support.

You’ve been downloading Dreamland as well as my other books and it’s really helping.

Thank you also to those of you who’ve purchased the books from the store.

I’m going to have a special coming up next week. So hold off any future orders until then.

But in the meantime….PLEASE help us out and download all of the books from our store….


Thanks again. And please tell your friends.