So…over the last few weeks I’ve had several discussions about what sells. Especially regarding Wowio.

ย For the last month we have not been in the top 10 on the comics list. But…6 of the books that were up there predominantly showed girls with large breasts.

So the consensus was…”Sex Sells”.

It’s sad…but true.

As a goof. I threatend to do a “Sexy” cover and see if it got more downloads on Wowio.

Last week I put up issue 27.

So far it’s doing ok. But nothing special.

I don’t know if it’s a fair test as honestly. Sexy isn’t something I feel comfortable about doing on the covers of Dreamland.

Even for a goof. Even as a joke. Or a social experiment. I couldn’t do it to my fans.

I’ve already recieved quite a few emails and posts about the cover. All positive.

But I wanted to let you know why I did it. And let you in on it so you can see for yourself.

Here’s the cover.

You can see a larger version in the download.

I did two things to make it more OBVIOUS that I was selling something that’s un-Dreamland…

1) I made Nastajia’s breasts larger. These are NOT her normal size. (and no don’t ask me for a close up) ๐Ÿ˜›

2) I angle the camera down on her and focused on her breasts and face only. Blurring out her feet and hands.

I’m always torn between making money and doing what I believe is right. No. Maybe “what’s right” is too definitive.

I want to do what makes me feel like I’m doing something GOOD in the world.

The world has enough sexy vixens in small costumes. It has enough sex and violence and such.

What it DOESN’T have enough of is a Safe Haven.

Aย  place of wonder where kids can be kids.

A place where young and old can enjoy a fantastic journey, magical landscapes, and adventure and romance.

That’s what I want Dreamland to be.

Either way. I asked my friends about the image before puting it up.

They assured me it wasn’t “offensive”.

But I wanted to let you all in on the experiment.

I don’t know if you’ll ever see this image again. I doubt I’ll use it in the books. And I’m not sure I feel comfortable making it a desktop.

But I may be too close to it. I feel like the father of these characters. I don’t want to exploit them.

Please let me know your thoughts.

And thanks again for all of your support.