Wow. I haven’t had this much reaction to a post since I asked about World of Warcraft!


Thank you all.

I did reply in the previous post as much as I could. So if you’d like my reaction…feel free to look at my comments.

On to brighter things…

I wanted to update you all on a few things.

1) Book Two is on its way here. You may have seen the link to it on Amazon for pre-orders.

You can do that, or you can order it here once I get them in and update the site and you’ll get a SKETCH, or you can wait for it to hit stores in February or March.

2) We are only a few days away from ending Issue 8. This is quite scary as I only recently finished issue 9.

I’m doing the best I can to stay ahead. I’m starting issue 10 on Monday.

3) Wowio. You guys have been AWESOME helping out by downloading my books on Wowio.

Please keep it up and download DAILY.

It’s really helping. Thank you.

 4) I’ve been updating my Deviant Art site regularly for those who haven’t seen it.

Hope you enjoy it.

5) I just found out that my buddy Mike Kunkel’s and my tv show Emperor will air the pilot on Sunday the 21’st of this month on Nickelodeon.

It’s just the pilot. But it’ll be great to see on tv.

I’ll bug you all when we’re closer to the actual date.

You guys are the best. You care about your families. You care about what you read. And you care about Dreamland.

I’m so often awed by the responses I get and support.

By buying the books, downloading the Wowios, posting on your blogs, telling friends, emailing me encouragement, sending drawings.

It’s all so great.

I think I’m going to just add a signature to this blog so that every one ends in…

Thank you all!

I say it so much. I may as well save myself the finger strain…eh?


Thanks and have a great weekend.