Happy Wednesday everyone.

Just thought I’d update you on some cool things…

1) I was just informed that The Dreamland Chronicles (and my paintings on DA) were reviewed on The Dish…


The podcast is pretty long. SO if you want to skip to the part about Dreamland. Go in about 25 minutes.


Thanks to Sam and crew for reviewing Dreamland and I’d love to explain Squash and Stretch in detail one day.

2) Marlocke from the forum put together a Dreamland Chronicles video to some heavy metal music.


The cool thing is…if you listen to the lyrics…they coincide with the video. REally nicely done.

I’m just so flattered that someone would spend so much time doing this. That must have taken forever.

Thanks Marlocke

3) A new issue of Dreamland is up on Wowio. Go check out issue 27 today.

And remember. Every download (which is free) helps support us. So please tell your friends and download not only all 27 issues of Dreamland…but all of our books.

Thanks again to all of you for your support.