Happy Monday all!

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. And that your Christmas (if you celebrate it) was great.

I’ve started scripting Chapter 15. I really had a tough time resolving some things. It’s amazing how as the story goes on…it starts to take on a life of its own.

Despite the fact that it’s all been plotted out 6 years ago. The subtle things. The hints you have to put in. The plot devices you have to establish early on.

They really take a lot of work.


Take for instance…Felicity and Nicodemus’ exchange of glances here.


Or Arvamas’ curiosity about the”dragon” Alexander encountered…


Or even something as simple as mentioning where we’ll be going…


All of these done HUNDREDS of pages and usually a year or two out. Just to establish the story later on.


I tell you…it’s not as easy as it looks…ha ha.

I’m enjoying it SO much. But I’m DEATHLY afraid I’ll forget something.


Anyways. I’m having a blast. And hope you’re enjoying the making of scenes.


Again…if you have a webcomic and would like to do a GUEST PAGE…please contact me.

I may put some up once these making of pages are done.


Hope you have a fantastic week. And see you tomorrow.