Well…Just wanted you all to know that Chapter 13 is coming along really well.

I’m VERY happy with the script and I think you all will really like it.

I want to start working on actual pages this week. But I have about 10 Hollywood meetings I need to be prepared for. Even though I’ll just be on the phone…it’s still distracting.

Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe we’ll have some good news about a Dreamland movie soon.


In other news. I’m trying to raise some funds to help out with…well…life.

So…I’ve put up some items on Ebay. And I have about 30 more paintings I need to scan and put up as well.

Check it out and tell your friends.



For everyone who keeps asking. YES…I’d LOVE to see your guest page, pin-up, etc. Don’t ask. Just send it in.

No I don’t have enough. I could NEVER have enough.


So now you know.

I hope you like the making of pages. And thank you for coming around even though there’s no new pages for a few weeks.