And there we have it.

The last of the Montage sequence.

I hope you’ve enjoyed them.

I put Orion’s page up for you all to read.

For those of you early birds who catch the comic as it turns…it’ll be 2 hours until you Top Webcomics starts a new day. So if you click the vote and you see Daniel’s letter…come back in 2 hours.


As for all of you who missed Nicole and Felicity’s letters. I’ll try to post one for Saturday and another for Sunday.

But after that…they’re gone.


These letters were ENTIRELY for YOU all. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. They were fun to do…but never intended to be read.

Had it not been for you…they would have been gibberish in the background.


Have a wonderful weekend.

And don’t forget…next week is page 1000!