Today I went with a typed font. Hope it’s not TOO obvious.

And so glad you all enjoyed reading Nicole’s letter to Felicity.

For one day only…here’s Felicity’s letter.

Now…a few things to consider.

1) This is NOT in continuity. Nicole’s letter is at ONE point of a 3 week period. Felicity’s is at another. They don’t correspond to one another.

2) Obviously this is AFTER Felicity is able to write for herself. I don’t think Nastajia would appreciate Felicity talking about Alex’s…well…you know.

3) Since this is covered up in the book…although it’s a little “saucy” for kids…I’m confident that it’ll be OK for the book.


Hope you enjoy. And only 2 more montage pages left. And only 4 more pages until page 1000.


Have a wonderful day!