My apologies for not being around as much to reply to all of your posts.

A lot is going on here. A lot ofย  Hollywood deals. A lot of book publishing things.

Just a lot.

We’re still searching for a salesperson for our online advertising.

And just struggling a bit with all that we have to do.


Because of that…I haven’t written the next chapter. I’m behind on my other books…and for the first time in…EVER…I’m feeling like a failure on so many levels.

Now after almost 4 years…I’m sure you’ve never heard me be “down” on my life. And I’m not here.

I just wanted to for once let you know things aren’t ALWAYS rosy here in Dreamland.


I hope to post good news soon. And will continue to post pagesย regularly as I’ve always done.

Thanks for being a part of the family…my “Fellow Dreamers” and thanks for letting me vent a bit.