In just 4 weeks…

Page 1000.

Can you believe it?


I’d been thinking of asking some of my fellow webcomickers to do something…um…memorable.

But honestly. I can’t think of anything. And I don’t want to be a bother to everyone.

So…I’ll just say YAY when the time comes.


Oh. And for those of you who wanted to notified of upcoming Livestream casts…

I’m doing one at 1:30 CST (that’s 2:30 EST and 11:30 PST).


It’s a special Livestream just forΒ Christie deSouza’s class at St. Francis of Assisi school.

It’ll be my first time doing this for a whole class. So come on by and say hi if you’re around.

Heck. If it turns out to be fun…I may offer this to other classes if they’d like.

And finally…

My buddy Scott Zirkel is doing a webcomic.

Yes. Can you believe that?

I was stunned as well.

Check it out. It looks like fun!

THat’s it.

See you all tomorrow.