It’s not “technically” flying…right?


Hope you’re enjoying all of this. I know I sure am!

And thank you all who showed up for the Livestream yesterday. You really helped me work out the dialog for the Unshelved guest page.

For those of you who don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook…I try to do Livestreams from time to time.

You can check them out here…

Just click ON DEMAND below the video screen.

It’ll show you some of the recorded shows.

I’m not the most interesting person…ha ha. But hopefully I can show you some tricks and entertain you.

My lovely wife Donna joins me too.


And finally…

There’s a few days left to vote for Gary the Pirate.

Tracy Bailey’s and my book was nominated for a Lulu award.

So if you haven’t cast your vote yet. Please do.

[email protected]

The book is GARY THE PIRATE and it’s up for Leah Adezio Award For Best Kid-Friendly Work


Thank you all. And see you tomorrow.