Hey guys. I’m officially back from Baltimore.

Had a great time.

But first…

I hope you like where this is going. Alexander needed something MORE than just him. He needed a REASON to fly. A reason to try.

Nastajia is that reason.


It wasn’t easy trying to come up with a “learning to fly” moment that wasn’t like other movies and stories. Hook, The Matrix, Sky High, and Greatest American Hero are just SOME of the things that went through my mind when writing this sequence.

Just “believing” you could fly wasn’t an option. Fear in Dreamland comes into play as well. Remember? You lose your powers if you let fear in.

So…what would be the impetus for Alexander flying?

Then it hit me…



Even Anger.

And…there we are.

You’ll get a bit more as the days and weeks progress. But…since you’ve all been so vocal on the comments (and I thank you for that)…I thought I’d post some thoughts up here.

Anyways. I posted a wrap up of Baltimore Comic Con.

Just scroll down…or click here…