Another end to another week.
Hope you enjoyed it.

Another thank you to you Amazon Wishlist pals!
Thanks to Christopher from the UK for the Complete Peanuts 55-58.
So cool!
Hope you like the sketchcards headed your way.

And thanks all for asking me to put up the wishlist. I love all of these books. And thank you guys for being so nice!

My Wish List

There’s a new vote incentive for today. Hope you like it.

And…I finally Ustreamed yesterday!


Thanks to all who showed up. I learned a lot on this, my first Ustream.

You can check out the site here…

I recorded the last 20 minutes of it. Where I was photoshopping.
Donna helped me out. I think we’ll get headsets.

But any advice woudl be greatly appreciated.

It was kind of fun.

Anyways. Hope you all have a great weekend.

And see you on Monday.