Hey guys.

I put a new vote incentive up. So hope you like it.


Also…today marks the first day of NEW EYES!

Now…I know what you’re thinking. “So what?”

Well…I’ve been wanting to have the characters eyes adjust to light. So the pupils go big when inside…and small when outside.

So I made some new eyes. And I gave Alex more brownish/green eyes. And Nastajia more “greeny-green” eyes.

I haven’t gotten around to all characters. But I will eventually. I’m trying to improve every day.


I also wanted to thank Alan from Phoenix!

I received yet ANOTHER AMazon Wishlist item!

The complete Peanuts 1959-1962!

How cool!


I have to say. I like this SOOO much better than a “Donate” button.

I appreciate that you all want to support me.

This just feels less….”needy”. And more of a nice way to exchange gifts.


Alan…I’ll be getting you some sketch cards out very soon. A “thank you” for a “thank you”.



And for those of you who still want to BUY sketch cards…

Go here.



And finally…

I’ve been just PONDERING the possibility of doing a Ustream.

For those that don’t know what that is…it’s essentially a live stream of me working on a page.

Does this interest any of you?

I wouldn’t be doing this for me. Please understand that.

This would be if YOU guys want to see this.

I don’t know how interesting this would be. So please choose your responses VERY CAREFULLY…ha ha.


Anyways. Thanks all. And hope you enjoy today’s page.