So that’s it for the real world for a bit.


And as you can see…Nicole and Dan have seen evidence.

How cool is that?


Yesterday, The X-Librarian posted their list of the BEST GRAPHIC NOVELS FOR FLUENT READERS.

And guess who’s right up there at the top! Right up there above Bone and Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Go ahead. Guess!


(sorry…I didn’t know if you were going to guess correctly. And that would have been awkward)

Go on by and check it out. And if you have a moment. Sign up and just say hi and thank Inger.

I’m in wonderful company on that list. And I’m totally flattered and honored to be there.

Thanks Inger. And thanks to all of you for reading.


In other news…

I got an email from actor James Hong yesterday.

We had met many years ago when my buddy Harry Mok brought him by the house when Donna and I were first married. He was a kind and gracious person. And I couldn’t believe Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China (one of my favorite movies) was in my kitchen talking to me.

LoPan.jpg image by armyofdarkness420

Well since then…James has gone on to do voice work for some of my favorite animated films and tv series such as Avatar the Last Airbender, Kung Fu Panda,Β and Mulan.

Anyways. James wants to work together on something.

I suggested maybe we could create a character for him in Dreamland.

He liked the idea.

I asked if I could ask YOU all what your thoughts were.

So. What do you guys think?

He said he’s born in the year of the SNAKE.

I’ve never done this before. And of course won’t do it if it doesn’t work into the story I already have written.

But thought it’d be fun to include you guys in the thought process.

Anyways. Let me know. And thanks for being here with me on this.